Founded by an individual with a dream to heal people through food medicine.


. The foundation  of this company is built upon the belief that the earth can provide the medicine we need to defend our bodies against disease and illness. Living during the 21st century, people are always on the go and barely have any free time to focus on their overall health. Living in modern western society , we have become so disconnected from the natural diet of our ancestors that our bodies and health began to change. With recent rises in heart disease, cancer, and diabetes due to low immune health, consumption of genetically modified foods, the increase in food allergens especially dairy , our bodies are in dire need of support. We need help to keep our bodies  healthy and strong in order to ward off disease. 


  • DAIRY FREE: All of our kefir's are vegetable or fruit based.NO DAIRY. Traditionally kefir is made through fermenting dairy milk. Approximately 2.5- 4.5 percent of children younger than three years of age are allergic to milk.Approximately 60% of adults cannot digest milk. About 75% of the population is lactose intolerant.Milk harms your digestive system and immune system over time as you continue to consume it.
  • WE'RE VEGAN/VEGETARIAN:  Our fruit or vegetable based products are rich in iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. The fruit and vegetable based foods tend to be low in saturated fat, high in fiber and packed with antioxidants, helping mitigate some of the modern world's biggest health issues like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.
  • BETTER THEN YOGURT AND KOMBUCHA: Our vegan kefirs are pure natural sources of beneficial bacteria. They are loaded with trillions 50+ strains of  thiving live probiotics which far surpass the benefits of yogurt and probiotic capsules ( which are made from extracting bacteria from dairy products) alike. Also water kefir contains a greater number of bacteria strains than those found in kombucha. And contains no caffine unlike kombucha.
  • NO ADDED JUICE OR SUGAR: Our kefir culture’s use of the sugar means that there isn’t much sugar left in the final product. This is good news for those with Metabolic Syndrome in that water kefir doesn’t add to problems with blood sugar fluctuations or feed those sugar cravings No added juice or sugars for flavor. What ever natural sugars the particular fruit or vegetable has is what the live bacteria feed on.
  • HAND MADE & LOCAL: Each batch is delicate which is why they are hand made in the west la area. In every bottle we are dealing with live organisms and we want to refrain from damaging any of those beneficial organisms by using big metal commercial machines that will destroy they integrity around and ruin their cell wall.
  • SMALL BATCHES: Each batch is made by the recipe in order to keep the integrity of the formula and the amount of beneficial bacteria. And each batch is also numbered with it own unique batch code and recorded so we know exactly when your kefir was made.
  • CHARITABLE: A percentage of each bottle sold is set aside for an outreach program geared toward people of Haiti and Dominican Republic. The charity aids in sustainable agriculture for the production of food, medicinal herbs, animals, and jobs for the impoverished people of the Island of Hispaniola. 
  • WE USE ONLY GLASS BOTTLES: We do not let our kefir  come in contact with metal since metal damages kefir and kefir grains harshly react to metal. We also steer clear of plastic as it can release toxins and chemicals into the kefir due to higher temperatures during the fermentation process. Therefore, we  ferment and bottle our vegan kefir in nothing but glass bottles.. Plastic and metal should never be used when dealing with kefir.
  • HIGH QUALITY FARMER'S MARKET GRADE:  You can taste the freshness and the essence of nature in all our vegan kefirs. You get  the great farm fresh taste of fresh pressed organic fruits and vegetables while preserving all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants of the product.. 

Our Team

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It all began with a loving mother. She was a very busy career woman who strived to provide the best for her children. Homemade fresh Kefir was one of the ways she accomplished this. She use to make a pineapple based kefir and told them it was soda to make it more appealing to her picky young children. And told them that the tasty juice was made out of Mother Teresa Mushrooms ( kefir grains).  Little did they know that she was in fact giving them life yet again by and protecting their health by providing billions of beneficial probiotics. They rarely got sick with the exception of a yearly cold that went around. A combination of a balanced home cooked diet, natural remedy recipes she brought from her mother country, regular exercise, and of course home made kefir, this mother kept her children's immune systems performing at optimal levels.  Fast forward a few decades , Karl's Kefir was founded by her son. And he still used grains from his mother original batch.



We believe in the love and unity of community, promotion of wellness and educating the world on alternative ways to live healthier lives despite constant bombardment of toxins threatening our environment .We believe our bodies deserve nothing but the highest quality and natural aliments in order to perform optimally.  By combining science, years culinary skills, medicinal herbs and natural medicine we were able to create a high quality nutritional product that is not only system targeted but will benefit just about anyone at any age and help to offer a better quality of life.