Is Kefir Good for me?
-Yes, It is high in nutrients and probiotics, and is incredibly beneficial for digestion and gut health.
Where is it made?
-Our kefirs are made locally in Santa Monica, Ca. and in the heart of New York City delivered fresh to your door step or available at your local health food store.
What are the Nutritional Benefits of Kefir?
-Karl's Kefir contains multiple vitamins specifically vitamins A, B1, B3, B9(folate), B12, D, K along with minerals and essential amino acids, and phytonutrients that are ideal for human health. It’s especially high in potassium.
Do you use any preservatives, additives or added sweeteners?
-There are no preservatives, added sugars, or additives in any of our products. We use organic fresh pressed juices and dairy free milks to ferment of vegan kefirs.

Does Kefir have Alcohol?

Yes, kefir has tiny traces of alcohol due to the fermentaion process.Alcohol levels are not more then .4%.

Can I drink kefir while pregnant?

Kefir contains trace amounts of alcohol , please consult your health care provider before consuming.

Is Karl’s Kefir safe for my children to drink?
-Yes, Water kefir is one of the easiest cultured foods to introduce into a child’s diet. It is slightly sweet, bubbly, kids love it and it is a better alternative to soda and high sugar fruit juices.
Is Karl’s Kefir safe for my pets?
-Yes, especially if your pet is eating commercial dog food the guideline is as follows. You can even start with half the amount if you have a canine with a finicky stomach. It is smart to start small so we don't overwhelm your pets system with all this new health boosting supplement.
Small size dogs or cats – 1 tsp. – 1 tbsp.
Medium size dogs – 1 – 2 tbsp.
Large dogs – 2 – 3 tbsp

I experienced bloating or upset stomach. What should I do?

- Stop drinking the kefir and give your body a couple days to rest. When reintroducing kefir start with a lower amount. Our best advice is listen to your body.

How to prevent kefir from exploding when first opening?
After kefir has been in the fridge. DO NOT SHAKE OR AGITATE BEFORE OPENING. Place your kefir bottle in the sink or in a deep bowl. Cover it with a towel or a zip lock baggy and slowly twist the cap open letting the carbon dioxde to slowly escape. If kefir fizzes up quickly close the cap and begin opening it after a few moments.

Why is my Kefir cloudy or separated Kefir?Is that normal?
Yes, it is normal for the liquid to turn cloudy as it ferments. And since our Kefir do not contains and binders and emulsifiers it is perfectly normal that separation occurs especially in the organic coconut varieties.
Why does my kefir smell strong?
Kefir is a complicated microflora ecosystem, with dozens of good bacteria and yeasts living in symbiosis. It is a fermented beverage and will typically have a yeasty fermented smell. This is normal.
How do I Properly Store my Kefir?
Once you have purchased your kefir product, simply place it inside the refrigerator until you’re ready to consume it. The cold temperature will help slow down the fermentation further.
Do you deliver?
Yes, We deliver ONLY in Santa Monica and the West Los Angeles area. 
What is the shelf life of my kefir?
Our kefir typically is good for up to 2 months since the beneficial bacteria prevent bad bacteria from growing. However we suggest you consume your kefir beverage during the first month of purchase.
What do I do with my empty bottles?
You can wash them and place them in a box or bag and have them picked up when you get your next batch of kefir delivered. We encourage this because we believe in protecting our environment.
How can I pay?
Payment is made upon purchase via CASH, CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, OR personal check made out to Karl’s Kefir.