For every bottle purchased by you we donate a percentage of our profits to support our charity mission. We have a program that provides jobs, food, and water to those in these in the rural areas of the island. Hispaniola is second largest island of the West Indies, lying within the Greater Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. It is a land that consists of two separate countries; the Dominican Republic to the east, where Spanish is spoken, and  Haiti to the west where Haitian Creole and French are spoken. Throughout the past five centuries it has gone through periods of growth and decline. The living standards in the Dominican Republic are considerably higher than those in Haiti.

 At Karl's Kefir we play our part.  

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Sustainable farming

This is done by educating the farmers on farming techniques that protect the environment, providing organic seeds to grow crops, building solar powered water pumps for irrigation and water systems for farming during the 6 month dry season. This form of agriculture enables citizens of Haiti and Dominican Republic to produce healthful food and herbal medicine while providing jobs in agriculture to sustain human communities.



Haiti has been plagued with historical deforestation which has drastically worsened by the impact of hurricanes and tropical storms. On the southern border between the countries, you can see the green forest stops and  become barren.We reverse the deforestation by planting a food trees for every bottle sold every year in Haiti and Dominican Republic. 



Millions  on the island are without reliable access to basic needs such as food and water. In particular, rural areas and schools that serve a sizable population experience strain in obtaining food and clean drinking water. We aid in providing organic seeds to grow food and a possible watering solution using a irrigation system powered by solar power. This is a way for us to bring food and clean water to communities without access to electricity or gravity-fed pipe systems.